Thursday, January 26, 2012

Date Night at Blue Fish Sushi Bar

Tuesday night, Wren and I went out for sushi at the Blue Fish here in South Jordan, Utah.  
We're trying to get as many date nights in alone together as we can before baby boy comes to town.

 We ordered this amazing deep fried cheesy jalapeno appetizer...
(Wren said he had a crappy morning the following day... no pun intended, because of the jalapenos.  Poor guy)
 This mango roll...
 And this Teddy Bear roll (I love the name) it had steak inside and was deep fried.
All of it was amazing.

And this pregnant chick don't mess around when it comes to her food...
I polished it off!
I would HIGHLY recommend this restaurant.  
I think it's our new favorite sushi place in the area, and we mean biz when it come to this :) 
And don't worry mom, all the fish was FULLY cooked too...