Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dinner at La Caille

Last Christmas my parents gave us kiddos gift certificates to La Caille, one of the nicest restaurants in the Salt Lake Valley.  So it was a fun excuse for my sisters and Wren and I to get dressed up and eat somewhere we've never been to and will probably never go to again :)  The food was honestly, to die for.  Everything had so much flavor, and Wren was on cloud nine.  They kept bringing out more and more food.  It was insane!  When we first walked in and sat down, the laughter began.  No one was talking in the restaurant, classical music was playing, we didn't know how to pronounce ONE thing on the menu, and the table we sat at was HUGE so we couldn't hear each other talk.  I couldn't even look at my sisters without all of us dying of laughter.  Wren said, "I don't EVER want to be classy."  Which made us laugh even harder.  And the funniest part of the night?  When my sister plowed over like five cones leading to the parking lot.  She said the valet guys were laughing so hard at her.  Wren, my other sister, and I parked after Rache (the sister who knocked the cones over) had got there and I was like, "Is that a cone stuck under her car?"  Sure enough, a bright green cone, bent in half, was lodged under her engine.  Wren was her hero and climbed under and pulled it out.  
I don't think we can even pretend to be classy.
But it was such a fun experience and next time someone talks about La Caille, in my most sophisticated voice, I'll be like, "Oh yes, La Caille, what a charming place to eat indeed.  The food... it's just so succulent."  
I'll have them fooled :)   

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