Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Things People Don't Tell You About Pregnancy & Link Up!

Sweater: Rue 21
Pants: Forever 21 (Maternity and they are AMAZING)
Shoes: DSW
Earrings: Aldo
Bracelet: Target

Things People Don't Tell You About Pregnancy

*Skinny jeans suck* 
A pregnant woman's death sentence.  No joke.  I tried wearing them when I was a few months pregnant on a date night with friends, and never have I wanted to stab anyone or anything so much.  Not only were they tight on my growing waist, but on my thighs, and my knees.  They even bugged my ankles.  I haven't started swelling (pray I don't please), but I think pregnancy brings out a whole new sensitivity in me that I never knew was there.
*You'll never love your husband more*
Wren has gone on so many late night store runs for who in the crap knows what.  Oh the random things I have craved.  He has endured his fair share of pity parties I've so kindly invited him to, but has just been so sweet the entire time.  I look at him, and think, "How did I get him?"  My love for him is so strong and he is going to be the best daddy to our babe.  Can't wait to see them together.  Oh the ruckus they will cause!   *Cold weather is dreadful*  
Wren has been a champ and will always warm the car up for me.  My body just can't handle it...
*Little baby movements are insanely awesome*  
It's hard to grasp the concept that this little person is growing inside of me.  Sometimes when I turn over or make a quick movement I feel his little flutters.  It's such a miracle.  I can't even comprehend the amazing-ness of it.  I love it, and no matter how crappy I have felt or how tired I have been, nothing can take away from how incredible I have felt knowing I am growing our baby.
*Salt and vinegar chips and grapefruit are heaven sent*  
These have been the few things that I can't stop dreaming about/eating all the time.  It's brought cankers to a whole new level.  Words can't describe the condition my mouth has been in  just to ensure the nasty flavor, that has found refuge in my mouth, stays gone.
*Babies heartbeats are the best, especially when they're your baby*
Hearing his strong little heartbeat at the doctor's office and seeing his cute little face in the ultrasound has been the best thing.  Ever.  He's mine. 
*Black hair will grow on your face*  
LONG black hair on the side of my face, that I think I could comb into patterns if I wanted to, said "PEEKABOO" months ago.  You think I'm kidding?  I wish I was.  On Christmas Eve, Wren and I were driving and it was SO bright outside (not ideal lighting for hairy faces, not MY ideal lighting anymore) and he looks over and says, "Sav, I'm not saying this to be rude, but you have black hairs growing on the side of your face."  WHAT!?  
Now I pluck my eyebrows and my cheeks.  Jealous?
*Envisioning all of the baby pastimes you'll have with your growing family*
Knowing that this time next year we will be planning outdoor adventures with our babe is SO exciting!  We bought a baby carrying backpack that Wren is so excited about.  He can't wait to carry baby boy in it on hikes and walks.  Wren and I's conversations about what our little boy will be like are also fun.  Wren always says, "I will teach him to be so nice to you.  He's going to be your little helper!"  I hope so!  :)
*Glowing hair and skin*
  On opposite day that is.  Why is my hair getting courser and skin getting worse?  SOS.
*When your husband talks to baby*
Hearing Wren talk to our baby is super-dee-dupertee cute.  He always starts out by saying, "Hi baby.  Mom moves too much huh?"  I think he'll be the biggest of baby talkers.
*You'll hate meat*
Meat.  Where do I start.  You won't meet anyone that loves meat more than this girl.  True carnivore here.  Pre-baby days, the best gift you could give me was a great big,  juicy steak.  Now?  I can hardly choke it down.  How is baby supposed to get his protein?
*You won't have to wear a bra anymore*
I think this statement is pretty obvious.  Let's just say, I finally went through puberty and it's like... 

No matter what though, the GOOD outweighs the BAD by like 1,000,000,000,000 to 1.  It's all SO worth it.  And I know once I get to hold this little person, I will feel 1,000,000,000,000 times stronger about this statement.   
I hope you realize I know like 100% of the statements listed above will be different for ever pregnant person.
Just humor me though, will you? 

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