Thursday, February 2, 2012

February Sponsors and a Vintage Underground Giveaway Winner!!!

Did you guys happen to notice the awesomeness on my right sidebar?
I would just like to introduce you to my sponsors for the month of February!  
They are all so cool...  
I can't even handle.

First up are some businesses that are totally awesome...

Check them out, I think you'll really like what you see!  :)
I'm obsessed.

Next are some of my amazing blogging buddies!  All of their blogs are SO awesome and SO fun to read.  Many of them have incredible Etsy shops that you HAVE to check out (you'll be able to get to them from their blogs).  
Just click on the links below their pictures to check out their blogs!

Let me introduce you to...


Cute girls huh?

Hope you get a chance to check all these amazing websites and blogs out!  :) 
There will be fun giveaways, posts, and reviews from and about them throughout the month so much much more to come!

AND now for the winner of the Vintage Underground giveaway!
Using, it picked number...
who is...
Can you email me your address to Laura?
This was an awesome giveaway!  
Thanks so much Darby!
Your stuff if so so so cute!