Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Fun

This weekend was a very relaxing one...
(And fully documented by my camera phone.  Sorry :( )
Friday night we hung out in bed, watched movies, and ate ice cream.
It was awesome. 
Saturday, we slept in and Wren laid under the sun and let me pluck out the black heads on his nose.
Love that guy.
Then we worked out, went to lunch, went to the climbing gym with Wren's family,
 (Look at my sexy husband go, climb Wren, climb)
and went to dinner.
 Sunday we went over for Wren's dad's and sister's birthday party as well as to watch the Super Bowl.
Can I just say how pleased I am that the Super Bowl is really the only sport on TV that Wren watches or cares about?
And he's not even that into that.
Which is so great, I would be a horrible sports fan wife.
We had tons of yum food there.
 And Wren's brother tried to make a move on my  sister.  As usual.  I wish they'd just get married already.
 And look how awesome, my socks matched Wren's shirt.  
We planned that.
I told you my pictures were bad...  
So sad the weekend is over!  
Oh PS sorry for the post on Friday, I guess no one could see the pictures.  
I'll fix it and post another day :)