Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cravings and Advertising

Guys.  All I want is bad food.  I don't know what the hay has gotten into me, but it's not good for no one.  
Some favorites as we come up on week 25:
(I fully blame this on the babe, they're his cravings... not mine ;))

1. Starbucks Frappuccinos
They could kill me.

 2. Gummy bears
dumped in this...

3. Hint on lime chips
slathered in melted this
dipped in tons of this

4. Coconut juice

5. And of course, anything potato...
I'm trying my hardest to behave my bad self... but why's it so hard?
My favorite is to eat any of these things, and then go to bed.  Oh the shame.

P.S. I have changed my advertising options for April as well.  If you would like to advertise on my blog, check out the options HERE!