Friday, March 23, 2012

Our Baby

Last night we were laying on the couch watching Heroes (just started it, does anyone like it?) and baby boy was having a hay day in my tummy.  I swear he was dancing the salsa in there.  Wren and I were laughing hysterically and feeling him for a while, and then Wren started putting his hand on random parts of my stomach and wherever his hand would go, the baby would give a tap-tap in the spot.  It was pretty amazing.  Wren loves getting his mouth right next to my stomach and talking to the baby.  It's like the cutest thing ever.  They are going to be the cutest little duo in town, touring every mountain top snow or shine, bike or skis I'm sure!   
Wren emailed me this yesterday,
"I had a dream last night that I was playing with the baby! He was so funny and had chubby legs.  I was making him laugh and it was the best dream ever."
Wren will make the baby laugh 24/7 I'm sure.  He's hilarious.  This morning he was brushing his teeth and when he spit out the toothpaste he made a farting noise and said, "See Sav, the baby will eat that stuff up!"  It's so true.  
I had always pictured myself with a girl first, but now I just can't wait for my baby boy.  I already love him so so much.  And I love the baby daddy more than I ever knew possible.  
My favorite moments are when Wren and I are laying there, his hands are on my tummy, my hands are on his hands, the baby is moving, and it's just like, WOW.  We created this little miracle growing inside of me, and it's just so amazing.  
A little more than three months and we'll get to hold this little dude.  We can't wait!