Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A House

Wow you guys.  I think we did it.
Many of you know we have been searching and searching for a house for awhile now.  Most houses in our price range are short sales which did not work well with our time frame of May 1st (SOON!)  Short sales are the longest process known to mankind, and many have multiple offers which lowers the chances of getting them even further.  Wren and I were getting extremely discouraged.  There wasn't much out there that we liked in our price range, and everything we did like didn't even seem like a possibility.  Well, a couple weeks ago we had put an offer in on a bank owned home in Sandy.  Approval from the bank went to the highest bidder.  We thought we had put in a very strong offer and were just banking that we would get the home.  A couple days after that, a short sale came up on the MLS listing.  It was the cutest little brick house, with a gorgeous yard in Cottonwood Heights.  I sent it over to out Realtor, pretty much knowing we had no chance of getting it.  Anything cute or in a good area usually had tons of offers, plus it was a short sale, and we just didn't have time for that with our May 1st deadline.  We were also just hoping that the Sandy home would work out.  He got back to me quickly and said chances were slim but he'd call on it.  Well a couple hours later we found out someone had outbid us on the Sandy home.  We were so sad and stressed and didn't really know what to even do next.  Then about an hour after that, our Realtor called and said, "Buyer backed out last night on the Cottonwood Heights house, I think we have a chance if we can get our offer in first."  Wren and I were ecstatic!  We put an offer in before even seeing it.  That night we went and saw it and fell in love.  We hadn't looked at any houses that even compared to it.  The location was perfect and the yard and views were insane.  It had a veggie garden, perennial flowers, and incredible mountain views.  But it had to be too good to be true right?  We left and were so excited but so nervous.  We said a prayer that night that if this was the house for us, that it would all work out.  The bank countered our offer in a day, we gladly accepted the offer, and within a week we were approved (this is unheard of for a short sale!)  Our closing date is now April 20th.  Just TEN days before we need to vacate out current place.  Everything just fell into place.  We are so thankful and SO excited that we held out for something that we really wanted and that it worked out!  There's lots of TLC that will be happening within the next month and I'm so excited to share all of it with you along the way!  
Everything always works out doesn't it?