Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Score With Wren

25 Weeks
Shirt:  Walmart, yep that's right
Skirt: ASOS Maternity (Heavenly)
Shoes: Whimsy
Headband:  Rue 21
I thought I was being slick when I hid my bangs under my headband today, but it backfired when the wind blew my bangs over the headband.  Woops.
Wren told me the other day that when he was little, one Valentines Day he brought a Valentines box to school that had a basketball hoop and a sign that read, "Score with Wren".  And then he proceeded to print off 30 Valentines for his class members that said, "I'll score you a Valentine".  I just can't stop laughing about it.  What a riskaaay little one he was.  I wonder if any girls got lucky that year?  ;)
I hope our little boy does funny stuff like that.   
Oh and thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all the sweet comments yesterday on our house post.  
You guys are seriously THE BEST!
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