Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why Home Depot Can Kiss My...+Link Up!

You guys, my stomach is getting tighter and tighter by the day.  
I don't know how this baby has any more room to grow?  I still have a month and a half left and he's not growing anywhere but out, and down, and more and more into my bladder.
Speaking of bladders.  ALL I EVER HAVE TO DO IS PEE.  It's the whole big story of my life.  I'm not exaggerating.  The second I stand up from the toilet, I have to go again.  It never ceases.  If Wren could count the minutes he has had to wait for me to go to the bathroom he would've had time to write a novel.  It's been this way since I was around 14 weeks and I only see it getting worse.  
I guess this little guy really likes pushing on his mommy's bladder?!
Now my point to this post?  
Well Home Depot of course.  
CLEARLY, a man designed where the bathrooms would be placed in this store.  I have been to almost every Home Depot in the valley MULTIPLE times in the last month and every single one has their bathroom so annoyingly placed clear at the back of the store, or side/back of the store by the lumber.  Who ever needs to go to the back or lumbers sections of Home Depot anyways?  Especially poor pregnant ladies?  Well because I'm me, and my baby's him, and we are always having to check into the lady's room... this has been QUITE the predicament.  Every time I am there trying to gather the many un-interesting items on my husband's honey do list, I find myself booking it to the bathroom at least a couple times.  Let's face it, going to the bathroom when I'm not pregnant is inconvenient, but when every step I take makes it that much harder to hold myself together and I have to trek that far to go, it's basically the worst.    
So kids, your take home point today is...
Home Depot+Pregnant Me+Bathrooms in the Most INCONVENIENT Place Ever= HELL.
Home Depot, I love you but...
How dare you? 
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