Tuesday, June 12, 2012

36 Weeks + Gussy Sews + Link Up!

How cool am I being this serious you ask?  Cool. 
White Shirt: Gap
Black Shirt: Ross
Necklace: Made by me
Bracelet: Friend's home boutique 

You guys, yesterday was a very monumental day!  Want to know why?  Because yesterday was June 12th, and guess when my due date is?  July 12th!  We are now officially in the home stretch.  The closer it gets, the more excited I get I can hardly stand it.  Every little movement I feel is just too much for this mommy to be.  I can feel his little legs and feetsies moving and I just keep trying to grab them, but these things known as my stomach and uterus and fat and amniotic fluid (okay I'll stop) prevents that from happening.  I just want to squeeze this honey babe already!
Babycenter says he is about 6 pounds and 18 1/2 inches long which basically tells me I'm carrying an infant sized child inside me at the moment.  Props for Sav!  
And another awesome little fact?  I am 36 weeks today so at the end of this week, our babe is considered full term.  What?  Yes.
So anyway, it's almost like graduation day over here for us.  The babe and I are very proud.  We are almost there and are just pleased as punch we've made it this far.  He is ready for his debut!  
Sound the bells!  :)  
Now, I just want you to scroll back up to the pictures and check out how cute the Gussy Sews pouch I'm holding is?!  Cambria with Gussy Sews was sweet enough to send this to me to review here on the blog.  I think it's going to come in so handy-dandy for all my little baby things like passies or anything that I don't want floating among the germy items in my purse or diaper bag.  
Gussy Sews has anything from bigger totes, to smaller pouches, ipad/laptop covers, and headbands.  
Here are a couple of items on my wishlist right now from their website...
Such fun stuff!  Check out their site HERE, it will surely not disappoint.  
You can use coupon code WIMB10 through the end of July to receive 10% off as well!
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