Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yard Love

Our yard has been my one constant happy place since we closed on the house.  As we were fixing everything up and I was so exhausted and on the verge of tears and everything inside was so terribly frightening, I would just look outside to the yard and feel myself slowly calming down and think, "This is why we bought the house."  
Since we've moved in, every week more flowers keep popping up.  If there's one thing the previous owners did well, it was their yard and I really am so thankful to them for keeping it up so well.  Plants and flowers were such a big part of my childhood.  I remember walking with my little brother and sisters and noticing (and yes... picking, woops) all of the plants and flowers as we went.  We were always playing outside.  I think nature is slowly getting lost with children today.  When this babe comes and gets a little bit older, I want to spend tons of time in our yard, letting him play with the flowers and plants.  I want him to get dirt under his little baby nails and in between his fat toes.  I don't want TV and video games to consume his little mind.  
So thank you previous owners for making our yard such a magical place.
It's going to be mine and baby's little haven!