Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DIY Roll Up Drape

So my mom is basically bomb and has made/is making so many of the drapes for our home.  She's awesome at knowing the look I'm going for and somehow making it happen.  Our kitchen window was a sad little kitchen window and needed something to cheer it/me up.  It's not a very big window  and is directly above the kitchen sink so I knew I wanted a panel type drape that I could leave up most of the time.  
My mom did it perfectly and here's a little tutorial on how we (Wren, isn't he a champ?) hung it...
First off, my mom covered a little piece of wood, the width of our window, with the fabric I wanted (this is what you'll screw into the wall).  She also added Velcro so I could Velcro the drapes on and off to wash them.  
What a nice and smart mommy huh?
Wren used the stud finder, that somehow always goes missing (different story for different day), and screwed the wood piece into the wall.  
My mom attached ribbons so I could roll the drapes up and down (you'll see what I mean below), so Wren set the ribbons in their position before screwing in the board.  
What a thinker that one is right? :)
We then Velcroed the drapes to their board friend and strung the ribbons over the top.
My mom also attached a round rod at the bottom of the drapes to ensure easy rolling.
All we have to do now is roll them up or down and tie them in place.
I couldn't be happier with them...