Monday, June 18, 2012

Dear Baby, It Was Father's Day...

Baby In My Belly,

Yesterday was Father's Day.  You probably didn't know since you're holed up in my stomach at the moment.  
But, you've basically got the coolest daddy ever in store for you...
He's already planning the many adventures that he is going to take you on.  
He will constantly have you giggling and you won't meet anyone sweeter than him.
He loves you so much and I know you will love him more than anything just like I do my own dad...  
...who will be your grandpa.
And speaking of grandpas, you're getting TWO other amazing ones as well:
Your daddy's dad...
And your mommy's grandpa...
FOUR amazing men in your life you lucky duck.
I just thought you should know how incredibly lucky you are and how loved you'll be by all of them.


Happy Father's Day to our amazing dads and grandpa.  
We can't imagine life without you guys and can't believe how you are always just there for us, even if it's just something small like a smoothie, root beer float, or caramels :) 
We know what a blessing it is to be born with such kind hearted, sweet, and strong dads and we could never express our appreciation enough.