Monday, August 13, 2012

A Monumental Weekend!

This guy is turning into the biggest rolly polly ever.  He loves him some milk.  In fact his slogan is,  "Got milk?" :)
We love squeezing his fat legs.
Thank you for ALL the amazing suggestions on baby sleeping and eating.  I loved reading every one of them.  If you are having questions about sleeping or feeding your own baby, check out the comments on this post.  They are awesome.
And speaking of sleeping, he turned four weeks old yesterday so we decided to try out his crib, and guess what?  He slept from 11:30pm (yes, still working on that one), to 10:00am with only two twenty minute feedings in between.  Someone loves their crib!  Who ever would have thought? 
He looks like such a brave, handsome boy in there :)
Give me an R for Radcliff!