Friday, August 10, 2012

Baby Sleeping/Eating Questions? Help?

First off, how big of a lover boy is Radcliff? :)
Love this little tootsie roll.  
As I said earlier this week, our baby has been sleeping through the night like a charm but is sleeping kind of odd hours;11:30pm to about noon the next day, obviously with feedings in between.  This has been wonderful considering we thought we'd get no sleep ever, BUT what we'd like even more (how selfish are we?) is if he'd sleep from 8:30pm to 9:30am instead.  It would just be easier on everyone I think.  Wren and I could have a couple hours to spend with each other in the evenings and we could plan certain things before noon in the mornings, LOL.  I clearly know he is still a baby newborn boy but how and when could I start transitioning him to this more ideal sleeping schedule, but even more, HOW?, is the biggest question.  It sounds easy enough just to just wake him up earlier and put him down earlier, but it's just not working.  He is so sleepy in the mornings and wide awake at night.  It's like clockwork for him to fall asleep at 11:30pm.  How do I change this?  
AND, when do you think is a good age to switch them to their crib?  It still makes me so nervous having him in a different room than us, but I also don't want to create bad sleeping habits.  I know he is going to cry when we first put him in his crib.  I don't think I'm the type of mom who can let him cry it out.  Any suggestions there?
And last, I just started to pump yesterday.  I have one little bottle filled up, go me!  I haven't given him a bottle yet, but just want to start freezing my milk now so I can have a good amount for when I will be away from him for more than a couple hours, but I'm not sure the best, most convenient way to store it.  What do you guys use?  I have the Playtex Nurser bottles and Playtex has these liners that I can pump straight into, freeze, and put in my bottles.  But it only comes with four liners.  What should I do? Just get those and only have four bottles worth at any given time, or should I buy something else and store a lot?  Is it okay to freeze my milk, and if so for how long?  How long can I keep it in the fridge, and should I warm it up before giving it to him?  Will he not want to nurse anymore if I introduce a bottle?  All you moms out there, throw the girl a bone!
Any suggestions on ANYTHING baby would be greatly appreciated!
We're kind of in the dark over here :)