Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ten Reasons + Link Up

So not to float my own boat or anything, but Wren's brother McKinley (you probably already know him from such posts as this one or this one, he's a gem) wrote me the sweetest note that I had to share.  It couldn't have come on a better day either.  Radcliff was only about five days old and we had taken him to his first pediatrician appointment.  When we got there, they asked if we would be circumcising him.  I was so caught off guard because we had not planned on doing it that day.  They said that they had reserved enough time if we wanted to, so we skeptically decided to go ahead and just get it over with.  I was so nervous as we walked into the room where they completed the procedure.  I was completely unprepared for how upset it would make me.  He was a champ and hardly cried, but I on the other hand cried through the whole thing and for about two hours after.  It was just so hard for me to watch them do that to my baby.  Well right after we got home, Wren's brother showed up with this sweet note not knowing what I was going through.  I couldn't even read it without bursting into tears again, but it was just what I needed...

10 Reasons Savannah will be a WONDERFUL Mother

1.                 Savannah is funny. Who doesn’t want a funny mom?
2.                 Savannah is open and honest. She is simple to understand and her kids will appreciate that.
3.                 Savannah has a cute blog; we all know that every good mom has one of those.
4.                 Savannah loves to listen. She is fun to tell things to because she gets excited about what you tell her. Most people just listen, but Savannah shows actual interest and care. Every child needs someone who is willing to listen and get excited about his or her life, what a good quality for a mother to have.
5.                  Savannah makes everything seem cuter. Her decorations make everything brighter. She sees “cuteness” all around, and she will definitely treat her children with love because she will find them so cute.
6.                  Savannah loves Wren wholeheartedly, which is such a unique thing in today’s culture. They remind me of old couples that are dedicated to each other, and it is encouraging to see that old love is not lost.
7.                 Savannah is dedicated. She gets the job done. That is a very important quality for a mother to have.
8.                 Savannah is a friend to everyone. All the neighborhood kids will want to go to her house because she will be their friend.
9.                 Her kids will have style, they’ll be chick and stud magnets.
10.           Savannah will raise her children in the gospel. She has a simple faith and worships through small actions. There is nothing more important to having a strong family, God will bless her abundantly as a mother.

 I will always treasure this list. 
Thank you McKinley!
(He's still single ladies... You know you want him.  Check out the details HERE if interested :))  

And then at the the bottom of the note it read...

Your job after receiving this note:  Think of 10 things you want to tell someone in our family and as soon as you can, find a way to get it to them. Do it now before you forget! You can remain anonymous if you’d like but it’s not required. Think prayerfully and carefully about who might need to hear these 10 things from you. Be sure and write them down instead of just telling them, that way your words will never be forgotten.


Someone in your family that thinks you are amazing

I think this is so awesome.  Not often enough do we tell the people we love the most the reasons we love them most.  I challenge everyone to do this :)
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