Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Rock Climbing Date

Sara and Devin came rock climbing with us last week while my mom watched Cliff Master.  It was a blast and although we missed our baby, it was one of the first times we'd been able to go out with each other since having him.  It was a much needed little break.  Thanks mom!
Wren and I loved rock climbing before it was cool.  The first summer we dated when we were only 16 years old, we went at least once a week.  I look back on some of the climbs I did at that young age and wouldn't dare do them now.  What we'll do to impress that special someone right?  ;)  And I can't believe I put my full trust in a 16 year old boy to belay me.  What?  I'd kill my daughter :)
Anyway, it is so fun to go now because it brings back so many fun memories when we were young and in so love...
Thanks for going with us guys!  And bob... YOU KILLED IT!  :)