Monday, September 24, 2012

We Went Down In Style This Weekend

This weekend was a wonderfully uneventful one.
My sister Rache, cousin Em, and Wren's brother McKinley came over on Saturday night to hang out.  We dissected their love lives, laughed till we cried as we interrupted McKinley's deep thoughts, and scared ourselves with creepy stories.
Radcliff was a doll and slept the whole time, with the exception of when I tried to wake the poor guy up for a picture.
No no mom.
 Rache and Em recalled a moment in time's past, where a male friend of theirs said Em's fingers were like pencils, and Rache's were like markers.
 I almost died of laughter.
It's okay Ray, I have marker fingers too.  Member dad voted mine the ugliest?  But I did get the cutest feet.  Remember that.
Oh Radcliff, you got your mama's and aunty's marker fingers.
Lucky guy.

I snuggled lots with my little anchovie...
 And Wren's new bike finally arrived.
(Hilarious story of when his bike arrived coming on Wednesday.  Tune in.  You won't want to miss the moment I could have died of embarrassment.  No seriously, you don't.  It's good.)
I lied.  Our weekend was eventful.  Wren and my dad tore out the other fitzer bush.
And it was a beast.  And it was a glorious moment as we watched my dad pull away with it.  
We are officially fitzer free.
Hallelujah, amen.
Oh and hello, I made German pancakes, homemade syrup, hash browns, and sausage on Saturday morning.
Now THAT'S a hallelujah, amen.