Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Two Month Old Baby + Link Up

Radcliff turned two months old a couple days ago and I just can't stand how fast the time is going! He is starting to smile tons and steals this mommy's heart every time he does.
We went to the pediatrician today and he is 85th percentile for weight and 63rd for height.
He is our big boy!
This stage is the best.  But I've thought that since the day he was born.
Here is a little video illustrating his chubby cuteness.
Can't stand it.
Me on the other hand... slappin pizza on my baby's face, talking in the most annoying voice ever?
I ought to be shot.  
Now it's...
Rolled Up Pretty
As long as it's cool ;)
Just have it be a specific blog post link.
I want to see what you've created, done, eaten, made, worn, or just think is awesome enough you have to share!
Please visit a couple others who have linked up as well.
We all love some comments right?
Link away....