Tuesday, October 16, 2012

There Once Were Two...

Imagine that?
Isn't it funny how a baby completely and utterly changes everything?  Nothing in life is the same...  I was totally prepared for the little changes in our life such as the day to day routine or how much sleep we would wouldn't be getting.  But I never could have anticipated the bigger changes within myself.  Like the way I would think about the world differently or the difference in the way I could love would be.  Sometimes when I'm cradling Radcliff and he's just finished eating, he'll look up at me and give me the biggest and most wondrous smile.  He'll stare up in my eyes, sometimes for five, ten minutes straight.  It's like he's trying to figure out who I really am.  Moments like these have got to be the single best thing I, or any mother, can experience.  I try and remember these times when I realize we can't just zip out the door to Cafe Rio anymore, or stay up late watching movies.  
Because those things don't even matter.  Nothing compares to the love I have for my baby.
Where have you been all this time Radcliff?
You're here now so give us an R! 
Now on a lighter note, anyone member this video?  Who didn't love MK and Ash?
Anyway, Wren showed me this slowed down version...
...so creepy, yet so catchy.