Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A V-Day Wishlist + Link Up!

With Valentines Day around the corner, we've got hearts exploding up in here!  ;)
And let's be honest, Valentines Day really is more about the girl, right?  Right!?
I have decided to make it easy on Wren this year by taking it upon my precious self to create him a list.  He can do lists.
Here are things I'm giving you permission to snag a guuul...
You're welcome honey.
Or just a healthy serving of your sweet potato fries (with fry sauce, you always forget the fry sauce!) while you contain Radcliff as I savor them down, will do...  
Ok, ok, I really just wanted an excuse to share some favorites with all of you today.  
What are you loving right now?
And I'm feeling terrible now...  I was only kidding when I said it's just a girl's holiday, you better trust I'll be getting Wren something special this year as well.  He deserves it.  What are some fun things you are thinking of getting your significant other?
P.S.  Can you even get over the sweet bracelet Wren had engraved for me for my birthday last year? I don't think I've ever shared it here and it deserves some credit I think.  Give us a W!
Oh and if you are single and ready to mingle this V-Day, get dressed up and party hard for us will you?  Because I know for dang straight they'll be nun a dat goin on around these parts.  Rad's not a fan.
Now it's...
Rolled Up Pretty
As long as it's cool ;)
Just have it be a specific blog post link.
I want to see what you've created, done, eaten, made, worn, or just think is awesome enough you have to share!
Please visit a couple others who have linked up as well.
We all love some comments right?
Link away....