Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sister, Sister!

A couple weekends ago, Wren watched the babe while my sisters and I headed to City Creek.  It just so happened that Wren's sister Eden was down there too, and had very much been down there with a friend for seven hours, NBD.  I'd have been begging for someone to put me to sleep, but whatev.  She was a trooper and completed our sisterhood!  
After spending about an hour too long in Anthropologie (RAY!), lots of self timed pictures in the dressing room, scoring some major deals, and getting terribly lost in the parking lot (I'll never learn to look) later, we called it a night.
Partay like it's 1999.
And speaking of Sister, Sister, how many of you guys used to watch that show?  I did.  Almost liked it as much as Sweet Valley High.  Sara just introduced me to the brilliance of the new Tia and Tamara show and I'm 100% addicted to it.  Wren's like, "What do you like about this show?"  I'm like, "EVERYTHING!"  Any other addicts out there?