Monday, February 4, 2013

A Little Park City Day Date

Saturday was one of those perfect days. The kind you dread coming to an end. The sun was shining and it was surprisingly warm, so we headed up to Park City for the day to celebrate Sara's birthday with her and Devin. We ate delicious pizza at Vinto, and then shopped up and down Main Street. Radcliff was a dreamboat with a capital D. He took a perfectly timed nap while we ate (there really should be an academy award for the best performance for that!) and he loved every minute of the scenic view from his stroller. We ended the day with caramel apples, sea foam, and almond clusters from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Obvi :) Radcliff slept the entire way home, and continued to sleep for another two hours once we got home giving Wren and I the perfect nap of our own!  I love my little family so.  And you too Seven and Eight! Thanks for letting us tag along on your birthday trip!  
Bring it on Monday.