Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Radcliff's Head-Shots

So put this in your pipe and smoke it. The other day Wren's cousin Michelle, who works for a modeling agency, called us wondering if we would like to have Radcliff audition for a Google commercial. How hysterical right? I just couldn't quite keep it together as her instructions included to detail height, weight, and eye color on the back of his head-shots. Head shots!? As funny as I thought it was, I was flattered that she'd think of Radcliff and excited to take him in and see what it was all about. The day of the audition came and Radcliff woke up a big bundle of nerves! He was worried he'd drank too much of his mother's milk, and was mildly concerned that the five chocolate chip cookies I'd eaten the night before would go straight to the cellulite on his butt. I assured the poor guy it would, but that it would make him that much more appealing. Seeing his concern, I put him straight down for a nap before we needed to go so he could sleep off his nerves. As we walked into the audition there were about five other little babies there, all girls (Rad felt like the man) and Wren and I just laughed and laughed. They called us in and me and my baby stood in front of the camera as I stated his name and age. The guy said, "Hey big guy!" Naturally, Radcliff smiled, laughed, and grabbed his feet, and the guy said, "There it is! We got it." I'm assuming he meant the smile? Anyway, long story short, we have not heard anything back yet so Radcliff may or may not be famous. If he is though, Wren claims he gets some of the money for making him.

After, we celebrated by heading over to a childhood favorite, The Soup Kitchen, and reminisced on what a funny day it had been.

Send crossed fingers this way for Radcliff will you?!