Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DIY Baby Outfit + Link Up

Sometimes it's hard finding clothes for my little man that are my style and also accentuate his curvy little figure. I have been wanting to make him a form fitting pair of knit pantalonies for awhile now. In fact, I've even had a pair cut out of an old knit shirt I don't wear anymore, that have been ready to be sewn since he was a month old, but the elastic band I'd need to put around the waist has me frightened. So I just kind of threw the remnants in my sewing cabinet, figuring it was a lost project.
Imagine my excitement when I found an easy, cute tutorial on THIS adorable blog the other day on how to make baby leggings out of a skirt!? I then went ape and whipped up matching stockings and a beanie as well.  I just had to share!

What you'll need: 
-A $6 stretchy knit skirt (I bought a shorter one so I could use both hemlines from the top and bottom of the skirt, as well as getting the biggest size they had to get more fabric for the same price, see how clever I am?)
-Sewing Machine (obvi)
-Baby leggings to trace your pattern

1. Place leggings on skirt that is flipped inside out
2. Trace around the leggings with a pencil onto the skirt (not pictured)
3. Pin where you traced
4. Cut about 1/4 of an inch out from the pins (to allow for your seam allowance) all the way around the pants
5. Sew all the way around
6. Flip inside out, and wala, baby pantalonies!
Well not wanting any of the fabric to go to waste...
I took the extra and basically did the exact same thing detailed above to make a matching beanie...
...and stockings.
It's Wren and I's favorite outfit on him!  And all for $6 bucks!
Now it's...
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