Friday, March 8, 2013

Some Chairs That Mean Well, They Really Do

I was scouring Craig's List a couple months back looking for a pair of chairs, when I ran across these puppies for a measly $15 a piece. How could I say no? I mean, look at the legs on these things! You could say it was love at first sight. They have good bones. I knew buying them that they needed some tender loving care, but now that I have them I'm stumped. It could be the reupholstering skillz that I have (or the lack there of) that's holding me back, or it could be the basement couch that has temporarily taken residence in our dining room. Either was, my creativity is lacking here, so this is where you come in... What would you do with these chairs? Paint them? Sand them? Recover the cushions? Recover that weird backy part? HOW?

And by the by... Guess who's worked out, showered, gotten her house clean, ate breakfast, and done a blog post all before her baby woke up? Oh just this one. And it's the second time this week it's happened. Makes me feel like I'm queen of the world (sung in a boisterous voice from the roof of our house!) The perk to having a baby that goes to bed at ungodly late hours of the night... He sleeps in until ten. Sue him.