Monday, March 11, 2013

W-W-W-Weekend... Say Whaaaa?

I think someone was eyeing my yogurt!
We had such a fun weekend with lots and lots of family time and Radcliff being an absolute peach through it all made it even better (have I mentioned that eight months old is my favorite age yet??? It is.) Our weekend included Red Mango dates with Aunty Rache, and cousin Alicia. A date night out to Salt City Burger Company, again with Rache, and Em, Ryan, and Shawn followed by way too much amusement at our house later (Radcliff knew this and would not go for him's night-night, no way anyone was stopping him from missing out on all the fun!) A trip to the Vintage Whites Market (did any of you go besides you Monster???) with, again, Rache, and then Kate and my Dadio. Dad was Daddy Warbucks and spoiled his guuuuls (more on our fun finds later). It was nice saying to heck with the friggin basement, and having a little fun. YOLO right? I just barely figured out what that meant and I'm smitten. My family is embarrassed for me.
Anywho, back to the Monday grind and thanks for hanging out all weekend Rache! Do you miss Cliffy? He misses you Uncle Raymond :)