Monday, September 16, 2013

Crisp Days of Smashed in Windows

This weekend was filled with lots of cozy flannel shirts, delicious meals in the crisp outdoors, guitar sniffing, and tons of "pushing". Radcliff likes to push anything and everything now. Whether it's his stroller, the cart at the grocery store, his rolling high chair, or just a good old plastic bag on the carpet, he'll push it. We went to the cutest little park called Creekside Park for an evening picnic, and we watched him push the stroller around and around and around us for a good twenty minutes. We were in hysterics. The weather was amazing and it was fun sitting on a blanket, wearing our sweatshirts, playing with our baby. These are the days, I'm telling you! We also went on a hike with our friends and Radcliff and Jacob (only two weeks apart!) had a little too much fun playing in the lake. In no way were either of us anticipating our boys getting wet on the hike but they pretty much went swimming. Like I should have brought a swim diaper, swimming. They were filthy and squishy diapered and having the time of their lives. Boys. Dasha was the sweetest and kept giving Radcliff more and more of their peanut butter and jelly sandwich as he kept on insisting just that, "More! More! More!" He's a man who knows what he wants. When we arrived to the base and got back to our car we were greeted with just the most beautiful site I've ever beheld; our car window was smashed in. It took everything in me from not turning around and flipping off and doing the "suck-it" sign to the air around me, hoping the villains were still watching. There was literally glass everywhere. There were loads right next to Radcliff's car seat which made me booming mad. It was in all his toys, shoes, the driver seat. It was really fun for Wren to clean it all up for two hours. Luckily they didn't take a single thing. I had left my wallet at home (thank goodness!) and they had just rummaged through the diaper bag, I'm sure searching for a wallet. I hope they were really ticked when all they saw was Elmo, diapers, wipes, and Desitin in the bag. Suckers. I did have my really cute black boots in there, Rad's converse shoes, our iPod, and stroller which ironically were all still there. It was only in the busiest place ever and in broad daylight. I'm actually in shock they dared break the window, that had to of been super loud. Anyway, moral of the story? Do not leave any type of bag in your car when you're hiking, people are watching! AND, if your window does get smashed in like ours so elegantly did, take it to Techna Glass. We've done our research and it's the cheapest and fastest we've found.
Happy Monday, but more importantly HAPPY FALL!
I'm really interested in finding lots of fun Fall activities this year that Radcliff would like. What are your favorites?