Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mornin Peach Pickin at Farnsworth Farms!

Why hello there mini Wren!
I'm ready for my spread mom! :)

If you guys live in the area, Farnsworth Farms in Sandy is such a fun place to pick peaches and apples and let your little people play on the playground. We headed over there today with our friends Dasha and Cubby and had such a blast! I picked ten fresh peaches for $1.00. Boo ya. While we picked, Radcliff and Cubby ate about ten each. They're healthy goys like that. After, a cautious Rad watched a daring Cubby go down the steep slide over and over again, he finally looked like he may be coming around to the idea. So I went down with him on my lap and he was slightly ticked. Let's just say this apple didn't fall far from the tree (no pun intended) because I hate all things risky/take-my-breath-away and it looks like he does too. I'm sorry honey! So he can just stay as close to Mommy as he'd like, that's okay with me! Thanks for going with us today friends!