Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sorry I've Been MIA but We've Got a Kitchen to Gut!

I thought our house was bad when Wren started uninstalling cabinets and floor last Tuesday...
...then fast forward three days later and this is what we're living in right now:
Gross doesn't even begin to cover it. I know these pictures make you super jealous that I get to prepare meals in here and you don't. 

We have wanted to gut our kitchen since we moved in last year but planned on doing it a couple years down the road once we recovered from all the renovations, particularly the basement (that one almost killed me. See here for posts on everything!) Sooner than we'd anticipated, due to all of our cabinets selling on KSL, we've begun. As big of a pain in the butt as it's been, we honestly can't wait for a new open-concept kitchen. Our other one was just fine and we could have kept it and been perfectly happy, but it was dark and a little claustrophobic to me and it will be nice to have the wall down so I can see my crazy boys while I cook them dinner. Plus, it will help re-sell a lot. Wren is pretty much conquering this all on his own. Again. I can't believe the amount of work he has already put in and can't help but laugh as I watch him hack into things. He's just so handy I can't handle it. And such a good Dad! He is usually home no later than 4:30-ish everyday and it's just the three of us from then on. Radcliff has no lack of Daddy time, let's just say that. So Wren's only complaint in this (other than smacking himself in the head with a piece of hardwood floor last night that ricocheted off his crow bar! I could have died.) has been that he doesn't feel like he's seeing his boy as much as he should because he goes to work during the day and then comes home and works on the kitchen all night. Yet he still insists on getting yogurt as a family after he's done working for the night, giving Radcliff his bath, and reading him stories. I hate braggy posts like this, but I feel Wren deserves it today. He's just the most multifaceted guy out there and I want to sing it from the rooftops!

Here is a simple little sketch of what we are going to do:
I am having an absolute blast picking everything out! Post to come with lots of the things we will be using for the kitchen later this week and any recommendations on anything is greatly appreciated! :)

Wish us luck!