Friday, December 6, 2013

Radcliff Walks... Far!

This kid... I'm telling you. He would LIVE outside if he could. Even on the coldest of days, which fortunately have been few and far between, he'll go stand by the front door trying his hardest to open it as he says over and over again, "At-side! At-side!" How can I resist? So I say, "Radcliff, let's get your socks and shoes on first!" He'll run and bring them to me and say, "Docks, docks", as I put his sockies on them big old feet, and then, "Sooooes, soooooes", as I put his shoes on. The second I open the door, he's gone. He has this new little walk where he flings his hands in the air and skips as he does it. He is so terribly pleased with this new adorable walk of his and so am I! He totally cracks his own self up with it. He can walk and walk and walk right by my side for the longest time! The other day I think we walked five or six blocks together. It's fun just talking with him as we walk... "Trees Radcliff, birds!" "Ohhh, cooool!", he'll say! "Mhhh, this flower smells good Rad"... Que him skipping over and giving that pretty flower a good old loooooong sniff and exclaiming, "Mhhhhh!" His fat finger darting towards the sky screaming, "Paaaaaane!" (plane), or staying at our neighbors house for an embarrassingly long time shrieking at their motorcycle, "Mo-er-cycle. Brooom, broooom!" I love talking to him. It's funny... How this has happened!? I can't believe how fast my little man is growing up and how smart and sweet he is. I feel so lucky that he's mine.