Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013!

Love my sissies...

And my boys...

We had such a fun Thanksgiving weekend this year! On Thanksgiving I started the day off right by making my little family a nice big breakfast, as well as a gluten-free cake for myself to take with me throughout the day. I'm pathetic, I know! At noon we headed over to my aunt's house to celebrate with my dad's extended family. Radcliff ran his little heart out in their big house and wanted nothing to do with any of the food if it wasn't green beans or pie, and everything to do with the ping-pong paddles. Bless that little soul of his! My mom made some excellent gluten-free pies and I was a happy girl. Next, we partied hard at Wren's parent's and partook in our brother-in-law's gourmet Thanksgiving feast! We wrote little thankful notes to each other after, and talked about how amazing our families both are the entire drive home. 

Friday we went to The Egg and I in Holladay and Radcliff won best baby of the year, as he sat like King-Freakin-Tut in his high chair and ate a whole piece of toast. Later, the babysitting sisters of the year came and watched Rad Baby while we went to Hunger Games with Wren's family. Pretty darn good if you ask me, pretty darn good. Revolutionary if you ask Wren. 

Saturday, the fun kept on coming and we stayed the night in the coziest cabin in the Uintas with Wren's family. Wren's mom, sister, and hopefully our next sister-in-law (I had to Katelyn!), stayed up until 2:00 AM talking about cool things like kidnapping, and stalkers, and other inappropriate things that intrigued us. Morning time came, and we were greeted with yet another fabulous meal! Everyone snowmobiled, and cut down Christmas trees and it was just the perfect kick-start to the holiday season. 

We can't believe what fun families both of us have and how much each of us loves the others family. It seems to be rarer than it should be these days, and I am feeling so thankful for that today! I mean... we can't help it that our blood is so terrific. And why wouldn't they be though??? I mean, obvi... They're related to us!