Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dress Obsessed!

So I have been a little bit dress obsessed lately. I recently purchased four dresses with my Christmas money, and the thing I love about all of them are they hit below my knees and are either short sleeve or long sleeve. I wear a little something called garments and it's often times hard to find dresses that cover them up. If I have to wear leggings or a short sleeved shirt under one more dress... It's unflattering! Anyway, there are so many more options for modest and flattering dresses out there than there was even a couple years ago. I love it! Plus dresses are the comfiest things ever. Nursing on the other hand? Mhhh... Someone could get rich just figuring out a solution for that

I'm loving that Printed Jersey Midi Dress above, found at Simons right now. I might need to add one more dress to the list. :)