Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Oh My Heart!

Oh my HEART is the perfect name for this post because I just can't seem to get enough of this giant heart hanging in our window. The warm lighting it creates as the winter southern sun shoots through our front window (wow, that should be in a country song!), or the heart shadows it casts on various walls throughout the day... I'm just completely smitten with it! Wren keeps saying, "Wow Sav, you are pleeeeased with yourself." Yes I am Wren, yes I am. You see, what was supposed to be a big red streamer to go across the room for my cousin's bridal shower, turned into this, last minute. It was like this epiphany with music and birds... But I mean really, does it not fit inside that window perfectly? "It was custom sizing!" is what I'm telling folks! But mostly I'm pleased because my weird, random, and last minute ideas never turn out, so that's why.

How I did it? I just cut nothing short of a million pieces of red fabric (remnants from when I draped red fabric across our ceiling in our first apartment right after we were married. Let's just say it was as if we lived in a sushi bar. Never again... WHAT WAS I THINKING!? Romance I guess ;)) with my fabric cutting board and razor (if you fold and fold and fold the fabric, you can cut lots at a time!) and then just tied about six pieces in a knot around a piece of hemp string. And I did this over and over and over and over again until they were gone. I'd say I used three to four yards of fabric. Once I was done tying, for the love of Pete! I tied it into one big circle on the ground and then formed it into a heart shape. I then put a big yardstick at the top of the heart (to act as the drape rod I would be tying it to) and cut my hemp string in different lengths accordingly (if you look at the pictures above, it's pretty self explanatory). Once I hung it I tied a couple of my heavier bangle bracelets to both the points of the heart to hold them down, this heart just didn't wanna be tied down! But what heart does? MINE! ;)

Anyway, I think you should all go make one. It's quite rewarding and very festive! Let the HEART be with YOU!

And then sometimes this happens...