Monday, May 12, 2014

Bottoms Up to Warmer Weather!

Wren had to meet with a dentist in St. George this weekend for his job, so we decided to make a little weekend trip of it! 
The weather was amazing so, naturally, we did a lot of this...
It's so funny how exhausted the sun and water makes this guy. Mr-always-alert-never-not-alert actually had to take a nap somewhere other than his beloved crib, because obvi we couldn't take that with us. We were worried the sleeping situation would be disastrous but he was just tired enough that he slept like a champ, naps and nights alike, the whole trip! What a little lover... We don't give him enough credit I guess.
His other favorite thing to do, besides swimming, was hiking the red rocks of St. George and playing in the sand, of course!
I can't believe what a coordinated little dude Radcliff is. It's kind of not normal. He kept up with us everywhere we went, actually went faster, but also was super cautious as well, watching his steps the entire time. I don't think he fell once. Like I've said before, he's just the funnest little buddy!
 On the way home we hit up Emerald City Smoothie (why did they have to go out of business here in Utah, again???), and the worker gave me a rose for Mother's Day! Another reason why it's one of my fave places (why did they have to go out of business here in Utah, again???) Go if you go ;)
 And we weren't more than an hour into our drive back home we hit this in Cedar City, all the way to Scipio!
We were stuck in a traffic jam for two hours because of the multiple slide offs and rollovers on the freeway.
Look how scary this one was?!
A semi truck rolled over on it's side.
Hope everyone was okay! And really? People need to slow the F down when weather is that bad. I know the speed limit is 80 through those small little towns, but that does not mean you always have to go 80. I swear to you, so many people thought that gave them the right to still go that fast. Why would you not slide off the road in those conditions? Sheesh.
 And you know what? Despite the unfortunate turn of events on the way home, Radcliff was angel child the whole way.
 Like I said, we don't give him enough credit!

As always, when we pulled up to our little house we breathed a big sigh of relief. As fun as any trip has been or will ever be, we are home bodies at heart, and get about ten times more excited to be home than we ever were to leave. I guess that leaves me to conclude we are not adventurous at all, really, but just exceptionally love the home we have created for our little family. One thing's for sure, I cannot wait for more swimming and hiking all summer! Dark, winter weather, for as long as Utah has it, is just a cryin' shame I tell ya, and really should be outlawed!