Thursday, June 12, 2014

Breakfast Date With Friends!

We woke up early (well early for us), for a fun filled day with our friends Dasha and Jacob last week! First, we headed to breakfast at Eggs in the City, a longtime favorite of mine, and surprisingly it went very well considering the two little dates we had with us. We were able to eat our food and even talk a little bit and everything went great! That is until I went up to pay and turned around to see Radcliff pouring an entire thing of salt onto the table as Jacob stared in amazement. Wow, they'll keep us on our toes! After we headed to Jolley's Pharmacy across the street from the restaurant for a treat and to use the bathroom (we're both pregnant!), and it was all fun until it wasn't. Radcliff and Jacob both threw MAJOR fits when it was time to leave (who wants to leave a store that has a million fun cars to play with!?), and the workers looked at us carrying our kicking and screaming two year olds out the front door, and then I'm sure to our pregnant bellies, and were undoubtedly thinking, "What are they thinking!?" I've had the same thoughts myself people! I don't even know how I'll do two in times of crisis like that! All was good once we buckled our people into their car seats and off to Liberty Park we went. Is there anything Liberty Park doesn't have? No. Splash pads, sandbox, a million different playgrounds, tons of swings, tons of baby swings at that (an endangered species really!), and they played their little hearts out. It was fun being able to sit on a bench and talk to an adult for a little while. Once we were all tuckered out, we waddled ourselves back to the car, coerce-ing and reverse psychology-ing the whole way back to avoid having to carry our 30 pound toddlers in the heat and another possible tantrum. I'd call it a successful day!

Thanks for the fun day friends and thanks for all the kind comments on our last post! We are so excited for this next little baby boy!