Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Bathtubs and Pregnancy and Weather and Just Stuff.

This picture of Radcliff pretty much sums up how our lives have been going this last week...

Wren got the bug to tear out the old bathtub over the weekend (cheers, applauses, shrieks, hooorahs!) 
Looking at this picture kind of makes me want to puke. And this is it scrubbed clean. Wren said if he was going to tear it all out he at least he wanted it clean. The only guy that would clean before demolition. I think it was mostly because he wanted Rad and I to have one last clean bath before it was all torn out. I love him. But let me tell you, that scrub job was beyond pointless about one second after he took the ax to the tile. I was straightening my hair (you know all the normal things you do three feet away from demolition), and the dust immediately filled my lungs. To say the bathroom was a disaster is an understatement. My mom stopped by, and walked Radcliff up there to see the progress and he looked up at her and said in the most distressed, little raspy voice, "Whoa Cha Cha, WHOA. This looks soooooo bad", as he stared in horror at all the old tile laying in his beloved bathtub (him and I still take two baths everyday so just imagine...) He kept saying, "What we gonna do Cha Cha???? What we gonna DO!?" I love him so much. Wise beyond his years, that one.

Once Wren stripped everything down, we came across the most amazing red brick. My Dad was like, "You've gotta find a way to leave that", so that we're doing. Think exposed brick, wood beams, and light gray/white, wood-looking tile. I'm just so terribly excited! I LOVE BATHS! My Dad came and helped Wren all day Sunday so we could get the water running (showering with the hose was no bueno!), and let's just say the pipe coming out of the wall that still remains faucet-less until the tile is up, is like the best bidet ever. TMI??? It shoots straight out at the opposite wall, it's pretty hilarious. It sprayed Rad in the eye today and he exclaimed, "My brown eyeeeee, Mommy girl!" Also, the day my Dad came over to help, he could tell Radcliff was a little on the fritz so did what any good Grandpa would do and said, "Radcliff!? Let's go get a semi-truck!" Off went Slick and Rad to K-Mart and Whole Foods to gets semi trucks and lunch for us. A guy even asked my Dad if he was Rad's Dad, and he was beyond pleased. Anyway, thanks for all the help with the tub and Rad, Dad! You're bomb!
And of course I'm obsessed with every inch of Wren's handyman self. That guy, it's Wednesday and he's still going at it strong, laying the tile tonight. It's love.

If you thought the bathroom was a wreck, so was the rest of the house...
Radcliff and I promptly cleaned it all up Monday morning. I just couldn't deal. I love my little helper! 

And let's not forget about New Baby growing like a little weed in my tummy.
 33 weeks and counting! I can't believe we are almost to September and then I can say, "I'm due next month!" I can't wait to meet this new guy. I already love him so much. He's a mover and a shaker and keeps me up late into the night and early in the morning. I'm thinking tap dancer, maybe? The heart burn has slowly started to creep in, but nothing in comparison to my pregnancy with Radcliff. I suffered from that dang heartburn pretty much my entire pregnancy, and by the time I was where I'm at now, I swear I could have breathed fire. And had to sleep sitting up. That was fun.

Babies I tell you! Worth every second of it though! And the weather tonight??? HEAVENLY! I think I may have just survived the summer! It's a little Christmas miracle I tell you. 
Let's go get hot chocolate Rad! And a flannel. I deserve a new shirt ;)