Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Snowy Hike!

We took the boys for a hike in the snow last week. We were going to snow shoe, but the trail was so packed down, we didn't need to. It was also surpsingly warm, like 50 degrees!? What the... Hence the reason Rad insisted on not wearing a jacket. Mother of the year right here, I know. I can't believe the endurance that kid has. He was out-hiking me! By the end, I was so out of breath, and he was just cruising along like, YOLO! As we were heading down, he started to book it. I looked at Wren and said, "He's going to biff it real soon." Five seconds later, he fell, skidded, and rolled. It was all extremely dramatic, as are most things with him, and he was pretty ticked until we told him he did a front flip, something he's always wanted to learn. After that, he was happy and started walking down like a tough guy.

Sometimes it sounds like a big old pain in the butt to get all of us out of the house, especially when snow clothes for everyone are involved, but we are always so happy when we can get out and enjoy nature! I love my guys!