Monday, February 2, 2015

What I Know You Need

So... This week's favorites are:
(Sorry I missed last week!)

1. I have seen lots of people fill in their eyebrows over my long, almost THIRTY year, lifetime (Yikes, thirty?!) Some are good. Some are baaaaad. But it had never even occurred to me to do it on myself. After all, I have theeee thickest eyebrows on the planet. I could pluck 'em every single day and they'd still need to be plucked. In fact, my husband is always saying how the Knudsons have the most distinctive look, and I'm always like, "What's the look???" And he finally pinpointed the obvious... "Huge eyebrows!" Thanks dude. Anyway... Let this be a lesson to you. Even us thick eye-browed people can still benefit from filling them in. It helps shape them and fill in the more sparse areas. I'm obsessed with this gimme BROW, by benefit. It blends in perfectly with my natural color, isn't over bearing, easy to work with and wipe off the mistakes, AND has a little gel to it to keep my long (yes I said long) brows in place. Sometimes they like to curl onto the skin underneath them. It's not sexy. It's way dumb. I get the medium/deep color. It's $22 and you can buy at Sephora, here.

2. K, I know I'm not the first person to fall in love with lululemon leggings, but this is for all the skeptics out there, because I was probably the biggest one of them all. "A hundred dollars for leggings?", I thought... Now that's just stuuuuupid. And I still feel like it is insane even typing it out. But let me tell you what, these Wonder Under Pants (roll downs) (in black), have got to be one of the highlights of my life! I'd be willing to drop $200, maybe $300 (okay that's pushing it... maybe) for these bad boys. After I had Everest, I just felt blah. My stomach was all stretched out and I felt so loose, well... everywhere! But these roll down (high-waisted) leggings seriously sucked all that in and made me feel skinny. And the price of feeling skinny when you're hormonal and tired and have a million dudes at your back for everything all the time? Priceless. I love that they don't have an elastic at the top of the waist band either which makes them suck in your tummy, without cutting it off, if that makes sense. They're so slimming yet so comfortable too. The perfect combo! I've worn and washed them a hundred times already and they look and fit exactly like they did the day I bought them. Also. the materiel doesn't get all bally looking (my biggest pet peeve!). They work whether you're at the gym, running errands, or for a night out on the town with a cute top. So versatile! Invest in a pair. It'll probably be the last pair of leggings you'll ever have to buy. FYI, they say to go up a size from what you normally are, but I went down a size. Nothing bugs me more than a baggy legging. You can buy them here, for $102, on lululemon's site. P.S. I have another pair of their leggings and have tried on almost all of their roll down ones, and I don't like any of them nearly as much as the exact legging I linked to, up there.

3. This Coconut + Lemon, Everyone Lotion, is the best allover body lotion for when I get out of the tub. Why? It smells AMAZING, like a full on beach experience, is the perfect consistency (not to heavy or light), has no weird chemicals or parabens in it, and is huge! Did I mention it smells amazing? I bought mine at Whole Foods for $9.99 or you can buy it online, here, from Target, for $9.99.

4. I've always been a lover of Mac eye shadow, but I particularly love this Pro Longwear Paint Pod eye shadow. It goes on creamy, is easy to blend, and dries in the prettiest shade. It stays on all day and I love the shimmer to it. I want it in every color. But you know... I ain't rich. I have it in the shade, Frozen Violet. You can buy here, for $21.00, on Sephora's website.

Hope you find these posts helpful or just fun. You can see the other two posts I've done, like this one, here and here, if you missed them!