Thursday, January 22, 2015

What I Know You Need

Hey! I'm excited to share a couple more of my faves with you guys this week! If you missed my first one of these posts last week, check it out here. And again, everything I list in these posts will be things I have and have tried (obviously because I have them). Get it?


1. I'm obsessed with Baublebar jewelry lately. I love their bright, vintage looking style. I have the three items shown above and wear them all the time! They are of such good quality and look cute with just about everything. Earrings are on sale for $20 right now and can be found here. Bracelet on sale for $15 and can be found here. Necklace on sale for $20 and can be found here. Check out all their stuff though! So many fun pieces to choose from!

2. Okay. Two words for ya. Dirty secret. Finding time to do just about anything with my two guys constantly on my six, is really difficult, and that includes washing my hair! I've tried different dry shampoos and this one is my fave by far. Not only does it eat away the grease, but somehow, magically, it gives your hair tons of volume! I always spray it in planning to just throw my hair in a pony, but it honestly makes my hair look so clean, I end up wearing it down. Every time. Who can wear their hair down when it's dirty!? Amazing. You can buy it here on Amazon for $15.50. Or if you're close to me I'll take you to the beauty supply store, I think it's like $10 there. Worth every dirty penny!

3. K, it's so hard finding womens' all natural deodorant. All the ones I've tried either stink, don't stop me from stinking, or give me a rash. But I'm here to tell you, I finally found one that smells amazing, is all natural, AND kicks my B.O. out the winda! Lavanila people! Regular deodorants have some seriously scary ingredients so run, run, run and pick this up for yourself. You can buy it online here for $14, or go into Sephora and try all the different scents. The vanilla grapefruit pictured above is my favorite one, but you know, different strokes for different folks... You'll love it!

4. Now last, but definitely best, is this Naked Coconut, Coconut Bliss dairy-free ice cream. I went off of dairy after Bear was born because it was bugging his little tummy, but what's a girl that eats ice cream every single night to do that can't have dairy? Coconut ice cream. Every time, all day long. You guys... it's BANANAS how good this stuff is! This, by far, is the best brand of coconut ice cream too. I get mine from Whole Foods for $6.99, but if there's not a Whole Foods by you, check out here where the closest place is to you to buy it. It's soooo dumb how good this is.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this! Now go nuts and buy all of it! You won't regret it.