Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What I Know You Need

So for awhile now, I have been wanting to do weekly posts about what I'm loving. I have found so many favorites lately and want to share them with all of you! The three dudes I am living under the same roof with just do not understand when I tell them how awesome this or that is. Men... These posts will never be sponsored and the loot will always be stuff I have purchased and used. And trust me... You want to trust me on this. Alright?

So for this week, here's the awesomeness, the creams of the crop, the cherries on top:

1. Have you guys been to Lush? I have walked passed it a hundred times but had never gone in. Well I finally did, and the one little item I walked out with has been life changing. This Fair Trade Foot Lotion is made with cocoa butter, peppermint, spearmint, and arnica. I love putting it on my feet at night after the tub, and then putting big thick socks on. It tingles and has been helping my dry feet tremendously! It smells amazing and is so concentrated it should last me a year. Plus the packaging is super cute and I love the pink color. It's $23.95 right now and is buy one get one free (give the extra as a gift! The giftee with love!) Run, don't walk, people!

2. Zara kids' clothing has been my favorite place to buy Rad's stuff lately. Their clothes are so unique, the material is super high quality (important now that mister Bear will be using them too!), they fit true to size, and if you hit their sales their prices are really comparable to Gap sales and Old Navy. I'm obsessed with both their little boy and little girl lines and their baby stuff is super cute too. The items I posted above are some of the things I just bought Rad and I die at how cute he looks in them. You can find those specific items here, here, here, here, here, and here and they range from $9.99 to $19.99, or you can see all Zara kids' clothes here.

3. I have been wearing these high waisted jean leggings from Express on repeat for a month now. Since they are high waisted, they suck my post-baby tummy in (although I'm proud of that extra skin that helped bring my Bear Boy into the world!) They are super stretchy so really comfortable and unlike both my Grandma's, I love the distressed look. Sorry Grandmas. They are $88 right now, and worth every pretty penny!  

4. Okay, even as a licensed cosmetologist, I still never really found the professional stuff to be that much better than the grocery store brands. But that's coming from a total lover of Garnier Fructis conditioner. So... But recently I took my cousin to the beauty supply store to pick up some hair products and the girl there was telling us how amazing the Mythic Oil Loreal products are. Skeptically, I bought them and I'm so happy I did! You really can't believe the amazing-ness until you try these products. I bought the deep conditioner (pictured on the right), and then their smoothing serum duo (pictured on the left). They have made my hair so smooth, it's absolutely unreal. It's like crack for the hair. If any of you people want these, I will personally take you to the beauty supply store to pick them up. It will change your hair's life and save you a pretty penny from buying in a salon. The deep conditioner was about $30 I think, and the smoothing serum duo was $19.99. 

I hope you liked this post and there's many more where this comes from!