Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Everest Bear

My Everest Bear,

How could I love anything quite as much as you? Holding you, kissing you, squeezing you... These things just aren't enough. I need to bite your cheek off or something. I'm so infatuated with you I can't even deal. You are the the sweetest, most mellow and happy baby. I was looking at you tonight and the word that sums you up perfectly is just 'happy'. You're like Grandpa Dave! That's lucky. It's hard for you to nurse for very long periods of time without latching off, lurching your whole head up, and giving me your adorable, dimpled smile. You are aaaaaalways trying to catch my eye and the second I see you, you smile soooo big. I think you're obsessed with me and I'm obsessed with that. You love brother so much too. The second you hear his voice, you start kicking so fast and looking around trying to find him. He loves his Bearsie Boy so much too. I hope you guys can be the best of friends. Daddy loves you way too much too. He has big fat plans to take you and brother biking and skiing and camping and just anything with him. He asks me all the time if I think you guys will always want to hang out with him and be his best friends. I say, of course! You'd be crazy not to. He's obsessed with his boys and would do a anything for you guys. How lucky you are to have him for your Dad! There's no one that could show their love to you more. You are sleeping like the ultimate champ at night. We put you to bed around 7:00 PM (a complete Christmas miracle for us late owl parents!) and you'll usually only wake up once at night to nurse, and then wake up around 8:00 AM for good. Heaven my boy! You're more of a little cat napper during the day if we're not in the car, or I'm not holding you, but that's okay. It gets us out of the house and on lots of adventures for your busy brother, or makes me stop doing who the hell knows what, and hold you for a good two hour nap (I usually sleep for some of it too. Heavenly!) You are rolling over as of a couple weeks ago, doing the cutest talkies, you love your passy boy, and are getting really good with your fat little hands. You concentrate so hard on grabbing your toys and then bring it straight to your mouth. You are obsessed with sucking anything! If your Passy Boy isn't in, you are sucking any or all of your fingers. It's way too freakin' cute I can't handle it. You are getting pretty good at sitting in your Bumbo, you like your Mamaroo, and love your Lady Bro. We still swaddle you at night and put you in your light blue little sleep sack that makes you look like a nurse. Nurse Bear. You're hit or miss with nursing and I'm not sure if it's so much nursing or just food. You do not eat for comfort (unlike your older brother, it's allllll he wanted to do). You eat out of necessity and the second you're full you're done and wanting to look up at me and smile. Oh your smile! If you're ever crying really hard, needing me and I come to get you, the second you see me, you immediately stop crying and smile and start talking. I swear all your crying is fake. I've still yet to see you get too worked up crying and getting passed the point. You're just so even keel, I love it. Brother will come in your room when you wake up and sing you songs, sometimes for twenty minutes, and you just sit there and smile and squeal. He helps with you so much. He was pretty rough with you at first but he's really learning how to be gentle and sweet. You also love to watch him jump on the couch and drive his cars around your head. 

Thank you for being so easy, Mr. Bear. You've made having two as easy as two could be.

Love your Mommy Gwirl.