Sunday, March 8, 2015

St George with Cousins!

We headed down to sunny St George this past weekend, with two of Wren's sisters and their families, for some majorly needed sun and cousin time! Have I mentioned that Rad's just a little bit obsessed with his cousins? It's the cutest thing ever to watch them together! Wren's sister rented the prettiest house for us right on the golf course and we really just relaxed the entire time. Fantastic food, kiddies playing from sun up to sundown, dance parties, walks, bike rides, bunk bed wrestling, laying out, movie nights, swimming, playing at the park and learning waaaay more than the adults ever wanted to know about each other, were just a few of the things we were throwin' down this weekend. Oh and did I mention that Everest is like the easiest thing ever? #1 stunna. #1 travel-baby. #1 dimple-puss. I just can't seem to get over the perfection that is him! 

We are so lucky to have such bitchin' family members! Now can it be 70 degrees here already???