Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015!

Naturally, we celebrated Easter three times as we do with most holidays these days. Having awesome family that all live so close, always makes our holidays extra fun! And having kids? Sheesh. Really fun! And tiring too. But who's counting? ;)

This is the first year that Radcliff really understood Easter, so we decided to do a scavenger hunt around the house for fun little toys. He loved it!
He's so good at following instructions, this one!
We saved Mack, from Cars, for him to find last. Good thing we did. He's been wanting him for awhile and playing with him is all he wanted to do the rest of the night! In fact, he's sleeping with Mr. Mack as we speak. Let's hope it's not underneath him??
Our boys!
The day before Easter we celebrated with Wren's family over a delicious brunch, Easter baskets, and our annual Easter egg hunt! We lounged, and counted our eggs, and ate eclairs, and relaxed, and did I mention... eating eclairs?
Oh Mr. Everest. He kills me!
Bunny hop dance. They're real good on their feet!
Then Easter evening, we celebrated with my family with yet another delicious dinner, adorable Easter baskets and another Easter egg hunt! Boo ya! Rad and Bear are the only kids on my side, and Bear being the un-ripe young age of five months... Well, Rad was lucky and got all the eggs to his bad self! He was pleased!
Let's just say we'll have candy for a century!
The boys love their aunties so much! Raddy fought back his tears because Kate had to go back to Utah State. So sad!
Daddio! He's a BBQ'n animal!
Hope you all had a great Easter!