Sunday, April 12, 2015

Merino Kids Baby Sleep Sack Review!

I was contacted on behalf of Merino Kids, wondering if I'd like to review their Merino Kids Baby Sleep Sack. I was so excited because Bear had a sleep sack he'd been using, but was growing out of very quickly. I jumped at the chance! 

When I first opened the package, I saw the sleep sack nicely folded inside a pretty little fabric envelope, with a Merino Kids tag sewed to it... would seriously make the cutest baby shower gift! When I took it out, my first thought was, "This is some serious sleep sack business!" It's made of theeeee nicest and softest material and is super adorable. Every time I slip Bear's chubby little bod into it, I feel like it's almost too nice to sleep in! Honestly. And it's really long, so there's tons of room for him to move around and to grow into. It even has a safety belt aperture so I can easily transfer him in and out of his car seat. How awesome is that!? One of my favorite things about it, is it "naturally absorbs and releases moisture to create the perfect safe micro-climate in any season for rooms 64°F to 80°F." I'm always so worried whether he's too hot or cold at night and if he's getting stuck in his blanket, so this helps ease both of those worries for me. 

Here is some information straight from their website that I think sells this sleep sack by itself and the other reasons I'm in love with it!:

  • World's best and #1 top-selling merino sleep sack in the USA and worldwide. Others can't beat Merino Kids' patented iF award-winning design, premium fabric and superior workmanship.
  • For parents who want the very best. Crafted by master tailors from luxuriously soft Superfine Merino wool. 100% natural, itch-free and allergy-safe. Organic cotton outer layer for extra durability.
  • Textile scientists recommend the Merino Kids sleep sack. Baby doesn't wake up cold or overheat. Naturally absorbs and releases moisture to create the perfect safe micro-climate in any season for rooms 64°F to 80°F.
  • First sleep sack in the world to achieve the stringent UK BSI standard for baby sleep sack safety, and the only merino sleep sack certified to this safety standard. Baby has freedom to move yet can't slip underneath or wriggle out.
  • Fits babies 0-2 years safely and comfortably. Innovative safety belt aperture makes it easy to transfer sleeping baby between car seat, stroller and nursery to maintain sleep routine.

Are you sold yet??? They've thought of everything!

We absolutely loooove this sleep sack and would highly recommend it! Thank you, Merino Kids, for helping parents sleep a little more soundly at night, knowing their babies are comfortable and safe! 

See Bear's Merino Kids Baby Sleep Sack here and go here to see everything else Merino Kids has to offer! Thanks for reading!