Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What I Know You Need

As always, life (kids) have gotten in the way and I can't seem to find the time to post as much as I'd like to! Anyway, as a reminder of what these posts are... 

I have been wanting to do weekly posts on what I'm loving for awhile now. I have found so many favorites lately and want to share them with all of you! These posts will never be sponsored and my faves will always be stuff I have purchased and used. And trust me... You want to trust me on this. Alright?

1. These Nike Dri Fit Jogger Pants are AMAZING. The material is like this stretchy heavenly stuff that dreams are made of but they still look nice enough to wear out. Dare I even say with heels? Maybe that's pushing it... But you can look pretty close to being 'put together' while maintaining extreme comfort. Which is really my goal in life. And they'd be great to work out in, but you know, I don't do that so... You can buy them here for $74.00.

2. Okay this Vegetable Spiralizer is life changing. We try to eat as healthy as possible when we're home, and this kitchen gadget makes it all the more easy AND fun to do so! Think homemade french fries, zucchini noodles, onion rings... Just to name a few. The possibilities are endless! There are three different attachments to give you different sizes of spirals too. Wren and Rad got ours from Spoons and Spice for me for Christmas (As Rad calls it, Spice and Spoons, so cute!) but they don't have a way to purchase online so here's a link to buy on Amazon for $36.94. 

3. So I have pretty much been sick on and off for six weeks. It's been a freakin' nightmare to say the least. BUT one thing that's made it more bearable are these Dr. Teal's Cold and Allergy Epsom Salts and Foaming Vapor Bath. I've like Dr. Teal's regular epsom salts for awhile, but their new Cold and Allergy line is unreal. It smells amazing, clearing out your sinuses (which is what the regular one does too), but these cold and allergy epsom salts make your whole body tingle. It's unreal! And then everyone likes amazing smelling bubble bath, right? Get these things even if you're not sick and use em' before you go to bed. You'll thank me later! I get mine from Smith's Market Place but you can also buy both from Amazon. The epsom salts are here for $9.99 and the foaming vapor bath, here, for $8.99.

4. Okay so I walked out of the elevator at City Creek, into Macy's last week, and these pants were pretty much smiling at me as I stepped out. Randomly, they are in the little boys section, and I'm just so terribly pleased our stars aligned for us to meet! These are insaaanely comfortable and super cute. I don't think anyone can have enough cute sweatpants, can they? Add in jogger and stonewashed and gray, and I'm SOLD! They are on sale right now and you can buy from Macy's here for $27.99. I bought a size medium and wear a size 4.

5. I have what feels like a million of these lip glosses. I'm kind of a lip gloss fiend and these are my all time favorite right now. They're not too sticky, but thick enough to stay on for a good while. The colors are vibrant but not overpowering. My fave colors are Dolly Girl, Spicy, and Natural. You can buy here for $6.00 each, on Amazon.
What are YOUR favorites right now!?

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