Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Pumpkin Train!

Tonight we took the boys on the Heber Creeper Pumpkin Train! They do the funnest stuff for Halloween and it was just the perfect night. There were workers walking the isles in costumes, people were dancing and they served pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. It was only a 40 minute ride which was perfect for our boys. After, we were able to pick out some pumpkins and go through a very kid friendly haunted house. The views and sunset from the train were absolutely breathtaking and I would recommend it to anyone with small kids! 
Daddy loves!
My handsome Bear.
I could kiss him all day!
And my adorable Rad.
Cookies for the win!
Radcliff walked right in and snatched the biggest pumpkin he saw first. My strong guy!