Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rachael's Bangs

 We did it, I cut Rache's bangs.  They look so cute on her!  We also cut about three to four inches off the length of her hair as well.  She looks like a new woman.  Those architecture boys at the U are going to be lining up ;) 


Yes she was in need of something.  Sorry Rache, but it's the cold, hard truth ;)  
Doin the dirty dirty.  I think she almost had a heart attack.  I'm glad she's okay.  
Look how cute she looks!
 Bangs are such a fun way to change up your hair.

Yes I got a little camera happy.
Rache's hair was a little greazy too, so let's just say that her bangs will look even better after a good scrub down ;)