Friday, November 11, 2011

My Mobile Upload Album... Funny

So I put this post together months ago from my mobile uploads album on Facebook.  These pictures are over the span of a couple years and oh so funny are they.
I forgot about these silly times.
1. Wren installing our washer and dryer.  Does he fit?  No.  Did he make it work?  Barely.  We almost lost him. 
2.  My mom modeling the apron and hat she made.  Aren't they divine?!
3.  Captain dad on the boat.  Drive on sailor.  
4.  The weirdest yellow bug I ever did see.  
5.  Hot chocolate on one of the first cold days this year.  Cozy.  
6.  THE BEST hamburger and Oreo shake from Salt Lake City Burger Company.  Period.  
7.  A pretty rainbow.  That's the mother ship right there guys.  
8.  My coconut macaroon from village baker.  Yum.
9.  When Wren let me do his hair like a gangster chick.  Frightening.
10.  Boating with my sissy and cousin.
11.  When I stepped in my brownie from Village Baker... sad day.
12.  The suntan line from my mountain biking gloves.  Classy. 
13.  Reading magazines in my beloved bed.
14.  My dad makes a mean omelet.  This is IT. 
15.  My dad sleeps smiling.  It's so angelic.  So special. 
16.  Right when we got little Sister puppy.  Is she really not TO DIE FOR?!
17.  Sister in her little pink shirt.  Oh I LOVE that little face.
18.  Wren browsing who knows what on the internet late into the night.  JK, his Halloween outfit last year.  He's a silky bone-air.
19.  Our second favorite dog, Georgie.  My mom's x-mas picture of him.  
20.  Killer breakfast Wren made that we ate in bed.  Heaven.
21.  Worst snowstorm ever.  This was like two years ago I think when I was still in school at the U and I was running late and so stressed and isn't it funny?  Did it even MATTER that I was late?  No.  Let that be a lesson to you all :)   

Hope you enjoyed.  
And happy happy GLORIOUS Friday to you!  
I have plans of shopping at the x-mas expo center and sushi tonight with girlfriends for Britt's birthday (FUN!), and I have BIG plans for us tomorrow :)  
What are YOU doing this weekend?